The Process

 The Process

The vehicle of choice
Ok Mike, sounds good so far, how's it going to work?

Simple.  I'm going to go to as many hot dog places as I can and I'm going to order them three ways:
  1. Their way
  2. My way
  3. Plain
Their way - A hot dog with all the toppings that they advertise, or whatever is recommended if they offer an excessive amount of toppings.

My way - I like my hot dog slightly more well done, with mustard and sauerkraut if available.

Plain - As it says, a plain hot dog, pushcart style, grilled, fried, boiled, broiled or however they cook it, by itself in a bun.

I feel that this will let me give the most fair review.  I will be looking for quality of dog, quality of bun, and quality of toppings.  Separately I'll review atmosphere/decor, as well as extras like sides (french fries) and drinks.
Mustard on top of kraut?  I call it "Mess City."

Looks appetizing.  Right?  All in the name of science...
Some other things I feel are important to keep in mind:
  • I'm always open to new things and new toppings.  But I try to avoid ketchup.  The people who put ketchup on hot dogs are people who a.) don't like hot dogs or b.) are under 5 years old.
  • There is no set schedule for this.  I'm going to try for twice a month, though.
  • Fries are my number 1.  Onion Rings are a super close second though!
  • Lastly, I've always believed there is only one drink that truly complements a hot dog: Birch Beer.  The redder the better!  For those who have never had this red velvety drink, imagine a root beer that is smoother with a stronger flavor (weird right?!)  I can compare it to a mild version of Cuba's "Iron Beer."  If Birch Beer is unavailable (boo!) then Root Beer is an acceptable second.  No Root Beer? (That's un-American!)  How about Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb?
Creamy Red Birch Beer
Beer of Tree Root

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